RIP Ford and Hello Rav4

So in October I wound up wrecking my 2006 Ford Escape by rear-ending someone as I didn’t react fast enough to them stopping on the highway. At the time I swore off of driving and I proclaimed I would carpool or take the bus to work. However, after about a week I got that cooped […]

Rant 9-24-22

Well things have been going rather smoothly recently actually. I got a good job in IT, I had a great summer term and landed amazing grades, I’ve got good things going for me… but I keep unnecessarily worrying about what bad things could happen to me. And it needs to stop. I’m worried about the […]

Rant 9-3-2022

So I just signed up for a new budgeting solution and it wanted me to download an app onto my phone… Ummm… no, I don’t think I will. Banking on your phone is, IMO, a very horrible idea.  This might sound boomer of me to say, but I don’t really use apps in general on […]

The state of Central Oregon’s ongoing workforce and housing crisis

Ever since finishing high school, and starting work, I noticed an issue with the housing market in Central Oregon. Central Oregon is one of the fastest growing areas in the state and US, and there is not enough housing supply to meet the demand of housing supply, or the needs of the communities in Central […]

Why I refuse to have children

I’ve been talking it over with some of my family members and friends, and I have told them that I am refusing to have children. One common question I get is “why not?” So in this post, I am going to explain all of my reasons for why I am refusing to have children. I […]

I had to RMA my Steam Deck :(

You read that right. My battery went bust. I had to send my deck in for a replacement. Really upset about this, and I know I’m not the only one who has had issues with this… I would’ve happily taken more delays if it meant that Valve could’ve gotten the kinks worked out. I mean […]

The State of Housing & Workforce in Central Oregon

Central Oregon is one of the most desirable places in the United States to move to now. Unfortunately, this comes with a cost for the locals. Housing in Central Oregon has shot way up over the last few years, and the jobs around here have not caught up with the cost of living, in terms […]

Steam Deck – 3 Weeks Later

3 weeks ago, I spent the entire day waiting for the FedEx truck, and I got my Steam Deck! And boy oh boy, have I loved it since getting it. 3 weeks later and I still have so much to do with it. Some of the things I have done thus far include: replaying some […]

Rant 7-22-2022

Discover has broken on Firefox and other Gecko-based Browsers! Whoop de do! And here’s a little something to all web developers out there: STOP OPTIMIZING YOUR FUCKING WEBPAGES FOR BLINK ONLY! YOU FUCKING FREAKS! Goddamn, it’s literally becoming the days of Internet Exploder all over again isn’t it. Seriously, I guess fuck us Firefox users, […]

Top 7 Reasons why YOU Should Build your own PC

When I was 18 years old, after saving up my money for a few months, I finally dropped $1000 to build my first computer, in the fall of 2015. It was both a fun and rewarding experience. Building your own computer is a thing that I recommend everyone try at some point. Building your own […]